• Fast charging, long lasting intelligent power and super speed processing outlast whatever you throw at Note 10
  • S pen’s newest Evolution gives you the power of air gestures, a remote shutter and playlist button and handwriting to text, all in One Magic wand
  • With a full set of Pro lenses, super stabilization, live video bokeh and precision audio recording, Note 10 is a studio in your pocket
  • Note 10’s nearly bezel less Infinity display gives an immersive, cinematic quality to whatever you’re viewing
  • Internet usage time(LTE) (hours) up to 14. Internet usage time(wi fi) (hours) up to 14. Audio playback time (hours, wireless) up to 60. Talk time (4G LTE) (hours) up to 38. Video playback time (hours, wireless) up to 19.

REVIEW 2020.

My New Note 10+ arrived Tuesday Morning. Having Owned The Note 1, Note 2, Note 4, Note 7 (for a few hours before it was recalled), and the Note 8, I had more than a few expectations. After 6 days of ownership, i can honestly say every expectation was meet or exceeded. Battery Life unbelievable. Screen excellent. Included software, great. Have used it on both Verizon & AT&T with no problems. Not expecting any problems in Europe in a few weeks, in multiple countries, with 2 more service provider’s SIMs With 512GB built in, and my installed 512GB Micro SD Card, I can carry with me every document, every picture, every video that i want to not only for areas without or high priced Wi-Fi, but also as a secure backup for my small business files. So Why am I sorry? I am sorry for the external battery sellers – I don’t need to carry one with me. Sorry that I have purchased multiple QC3 vehicle chargers. Don’t need most of them. Almost sorry I have 3 tablets, 2 at offices, 1 at home. Have not quite given those up, but they may end up for sale. Is the phone overpriced? Of course it is, however it is something I use virtually every waking hour. Extremely pleased with it!


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