• Upgrade your Galaxy: the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite has the features you’ve been waiting for Its easy-to-use pro-grade camera delivers the perfect shot every time, and a fast-charging battery lets you dive into whatever life throws your way
  • Unlocked by Samsung: Pick more than just your new cell phone. With your unlocked device, choose your preferred carrier, data plan, services, features and apps, and get your phone exactly how you want it
  • Performance to do more: Smooth, high-quality performance with the same powerful processor that drives the iconic Galaxy S10. With 8GB of RAM, you can play games, stream movies and broadcast live—all with rapid responsiveness
  • Pro-grade shots in just a snap: Capture professional-quality photos with the Galaxy S10 Lite smartphone camera and quick take feature. Take beautiful pictures even in low light with the 48MP main camera. The 32MP front camera knows its way around a stunning selfie too
  • Smooth action as you move: Capture all of the action with virtually no blur in crisp UHD quality. Super Steady Mode makes photos and videos look super smooth, even in low-light conditions
  • Crisp. Colorful. Captivating: Lose yourself in the edge-to-edge color and intense detail of a massive 6.7inches Infinity Display with a Super AMOLED Plus screen
  • High scores. Low interruptions. Amp up your gaming experience and turn down the distractions with the built-in Game Booster. Block out alerts, sharpen sound quality and regulate your device’s temperature—so you can focus on the game and nothing else
  • Camera Description: Rear
  • Included Components: Akg Headset.

REVIEW 2020.

Though I have only had it for one day it is too early to describe its performance for me. But I must say this phone is no “Lite” by any means. I have been using OnePlus 8 for the last 2 weeks and even though I was impressed with Oneplus 8 I must say this phone feels a lot more durable and premium. Everything about this phone feels better quality than OnePlus 8.
Yes it does not have a 90hz display or wireless charging or water resistance but thats what you trade for a lower price.
What I care about most is display, battery life and stable performance which this phone makes no compromises in.
This phone has a solid built, feels good in the hands and feels premium
Difference between this US version vs the international version: You might also find international versions here which is listed for a few dollars less and comes with screen protector installed and a free clear case which this phone doesn’t come but this version comes with 8GB Ram vs 6GB in the internation version. And this version has US warranty. I will update my review in few days after using it.
One little correction this product: It does not include AKG earphones rather just a simple Samsung earphones.


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