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REVIEW 2020.

BACKGROUND: My iPhone 5s went to poo 💩(For the second time in 7 years I lost an iPhone). Each time the “geniuses” told me my phone was not repairable and I had to buy a new phone. AND both times it was the charge connector that just went completely crap one day. Great. Looking back I guess I was part of the many brainwashed sheep with the one track mind thinking Apple leads all. But in reality, they are stuck in neutral. Since they lost Steve Jobs, no one has stepped up to be that Willy Wonka of cutting edge ideas and showmanship. And its blatantly obvious to me now. Oh and guess what? They now make the headphones use the same failure prone adapter on all new iPhones (meaning you cannot wire charge and listen to headphones), so I finally decided to stop eating rotten Apples. And I decided to Hitchhike a Ride on a Galaxy S9. Now I know you’ll say a 5s is older and its comparing apples and oranges (that pun was unintentional🤮…my apoligies), but my friend has an iPhone X and let me try it. It wasn’t that much different of an Apple experience. And it was 400 more than this phone. (I apologize for my overt digressions, but phones are a huge investment and I try to make my reviews thorough and whatever the perfect opposite of boring is…I hope.)

Day 1: I’m really $%@!$& nervous. Did I make the right decision? I’m a textbook overthinker. I went without a phone for 9 days trying to decide. And here I am. Waiting on a refurbished Galaxy S9. Finally Delivered. First box is the typical smaller Amazon box. Second inside is a small white box. Very simple worry-free packaging. Inside that box was the phone, A/C adaptor, charge cord, and a paper with quickstart and APN help. Also a card from Amazon saying contact the seller first with a problem blah blah Charlie Brown teacher voice blah blah blah. So I have made a few certified refurbished electronic purchases in the past and they worked out great, so I was not as apprehensive as maybe a refurb greenhorn might be. But listen. Phone is in hand now. And this phone is stunning. Immaculate. I went over it and it looks COMPLETELY brand new. The screen is perfect. Don’t be afraid. Jump in the water. Buy refurbished. Ok…so here is my first negative, but its petty really. I bought the “lilac” colored phone because I love light colored purples like lilac and lavender. Only this isn’t really either. I’d call this more of a pinker color with a hint of purple, but its still sleek and nice and can be covered up with a case if needed. Ok so physical condition out of the box I’d give a solid grade A+ Now for the SIM card. Again I am a Straight Talk user (looooove them…4 years strong now). My iPhone has been tanked and off for about 9 days. I popped out the SIM card from the rotten phone, popped out the Samsung SIM tray and dropped in the SIM, pushing the tray back flush. Powered the phone on. Without going through every single step, the setup was so easy and seamless. It automatically found my service provider, so I would say this is pretty much as close to plug and play as you can get. So awesome. I am falling hard like Pete for Ariana for this phone…

Well…I’ve been playing with the phone for a few hours now. I cannot put it down. So many things are infinitely better than Apple. I’m going to list a few and stop the review for Day 1. And if you made it this far, peace and love neighbor. Happy phone hunting. You’re beautiful🌞🌜⛱🌚🌟
1. Customization: THEMES! I can’t stop trying these out. They change the sounds and wallpapers and App icons and probably other cool stuff I don’t realize all at once. They are so cool. Text messages look different. And the wallpapers can be animated. Lock screens can be videos. I am admittedly geeking a little. Android systems let you change soooooooo much. And I am a customization freak. Not only can you choose from hundreds of free and paid themes on the Google Play store, but you can choose from so many different fonts as well (and you can choose from tons for free and money the same way). You can set the order of so many things, it’s just the coolest. Oh and here is a great one. For the OCD users like me, who hated when you couldn’t delete an apple app, you still have those on Android you cannot delete as well. BUT YOU CAN HIDE THEM!

2. The button clicks are addictive. It feels like you are pushing a button when its the bare screen. I have a screen protector on AND and phone case and it’s still extremely responsive.

3. The swiping motions aren’t that different from Apple. I’m navigating like a pro. I’m sure there are how-to videos I need to watch to learn all of the shortcuts, but I’m doing just fine.

Ok. Enough for now. I’m jonesing to play with the phone waaaaaay more. Ask any questions you want. I will answer all I can. I will update this review as I see the need.
Peace and Love,
The Muffin Man.


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