Brand New Gift Of Gratitude Blueprint + Complete Sales Funnel and Promotional Materials with Private Label Rights.

IMPORTANT: Commission of all affiliates will be automatically bumped up to 100% for the Front-End product through the launch period.

Instant Commission will be given to Affiliates with 100+ sales and have prior working experience with us. Others will be set to Delayed / Denied based on stats and other factors. If your account is new, please write in the Notes section how you plan to promote this offer. Approval is subject to the decision of Vendor. Thanks for your interest!


Here’s How To Dominate The Multi-Billion Dollar Niche With A High-Converting Product That’ll
Transform Your Clients’ Lives!

…Without Having To Spend Weeks And A Fortune On Product Creation!

There Are People Who Are Desperate For A REAL SOLUTION In Order To Turn Their Life Around!

Today, I’ve a Gift for you…

In the next few minutes, I’m going to show you set-by-step how to practice daily gratitude that will transform your life – while easily build a 6-7 Figure Self-Help business empire by helping others succeed…  

Trust me… Anyone who is into Personal Development will  LOVE what this transformational blueprint has to offer!

The Online Self-Help Industry Is A Growing $20B Business Today

And this number is still growing annually at 6.2% average despite bad economy and recession!

… And Self-Help is one of the largest, most popular and undying niche in the market.

Guess what? That’s just a conservative number to look at…

With over 20,000 life coaches in the US alone, with a coaching industry worth about $1.5 Billion…

And more people are looking online for solutions to their problems than ever before, a no-brainer will know that Digital Marketing is the modern way of marketing for ANY Businesses (Coaches, Consultants, Marketers, and even Offline Business Owners)

So We Are Targeting One Of The Most Popular & In-Demand Topics Today…

Who Are The Target Audiences?

The young, old, men, women regardless of their profession and even teenagers and school kids are all targeted audience in this niche… as The Gift Of Gratitude Blueprint can be incredibly beneficial to ANYONE!

Think about it…
Who doesn’t want to learn how to “flip the switch” and instantly feel happy?Who doesn’t want to have access to information that help them become the BEST version of themselves?Who doesn’t want to discover the secrets to uplift their emotional well-being for themselves and even their loved ones?Who doesn’t want to get rid of all the pain, disappointments, missed opportunities, and broken relationships due to the lack of gratitude?

That said, The Reachability of This Niche is Mind-Boggling.

Here’s the SECRET…

One of the critical keys to bring your business to the next level is to have YOUR OWN quality contents in the market!

That’s how you brand yourself as an Authority figure and make your mark in your niche.

However… product creation requires TONS of hard work!

GOOD NEWS: I Have A Solution For You!

My team and I had researched the best Self-Help Topics in the market, compiled them into a massive value-dense blueprint, crystallised them into the most simplified, digestible, and high-quality Masterpiece that you and your customers will LOVE!

This time, we’re releasing contents that the current market desperately NEEDS.

You’ll get the most IN-demand self-help topics that help you reap the full benefits of gratitude practice by discovering the secrets to unlock lifelong happiness and fulfillment. Now you can have access to information that will enable you to notice new opportunities behind every challenge and see things around you in a whole new light!

Here’s The Best Part: We’re giving away The Gift Of Gratitude as PLR so that you can grab it, rebrand and sell for 100% Profits!

Meaning you’re about to get a FULL-BLOWN Online Business without almost ZERO effort on your part!

We’re confident that this Blueprint will sell so well that we even built all the high-converting sales copies, email swipes, outsourced Voice Over for the Video Sales Letter, beautiful graphics and even throw in a 4000+ words complimentary Special Report as your ready-to-go Lead Magnet!

So here’s your chance to grab all passionately-written content with NO need for any market research, outsourcing and deliver VALUABLE content straight to your audiences right off the bat!

The Gift Of Gratitude is a 100% brand new and unique Ebook that contains the latest and most up-to-date information on “Gratitude” that was written with heart and real-life experiences.

Packed with over 10,000+ words written in thoughtful way that will ‘talk’ to your readers, creating 100% engagement and bring your readers into awe.

Every bit of information has no fluff, but quality content that your users are gonna LOVE.

In the Self-Help niche, giving out Free Offers or Gifts have been proven to increase sales up to 40% and we have prepared the perfect Free Offer as lead magnet / bribe for this specific product.

We understand that what makes a prospect buy from you is TRUST.

By demonstrating tremendous value through our professionally-written lead magnet, your leads are going to trust you more and become more inclined to buy the actual product, which we will recommend in the backend.

As You Can See, This Is A No-Brainer Deal!

But here’s the catch…

This Special Offer will only be here for a LIMITED TIME, and the price will increase accordingly.

So…Take Advantage of It and Act Now!


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